Symphony Under the Stars

Symphony Under the Stars



Allan R. Scott – Conductor
Michael Marsolek, Program Director / Montana Public Radio – Announcer

Main Title
from Episode IV: A New Hope

Anakin’s Theme
from Episode I: The Phantom Menace

The Imperial March
from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The Asteroid Field+
from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Rey’s Theme+
from Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Battle of Heroes
from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Rebellion is Reborn+
from Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Yoda’s Theme
from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Duel of the Fates
from Episode I: The Phantom Menace

*** Intermission *** 

Here They Come+
from Episode IV: A New Hope

Cantina Band
from Episode IV: A New Hope

March of the Resistance+
from Episode VII: The Force Awakens

The Forrest Battle+
from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Across the Stars
from Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Scherzo for X-Wings+
from Episode VII: The Force Awakens

The Jedi Steps & Finale+
from Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Princess Leia’s Theme
from Episode IV: A New Hope

Throne Room & End Title
from Episode IV: A New Hope

+ = Helena Symphony premiere performance





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Helena Symphony

Scott Kall, Project Manager
Dr. John Cech, President, Carroll College
Allan R. Scott, Music Director, Helena Symphony
Patrick C. Keim, President, Helena Symphony
Butch Biskupiak, Director of Facilities, Carroll College
John Juntunen, Director of Grounds, Carroll College
Beth Wheeler, Office of Institutional Advancement, Carroll College

Katie Mason, Director of Artistic Planning
Scott Kall, Director of Patron Services; Operations Manager
Scott Black, Orchestra Librarian
June Lee, Staff Accompanist
Deanna Johnson, Chorale Manager
Constance Bergum, Featured Artist
Ginny Emery, Staff Photographer
Dawn Cowan, Hospitality Coordinator

Jillian Newton, Volunteer Coordinator
Joe Sanford, Assistant to the Project Manager
Mike Jones, Sound & Lights
Jay Waller, StagePro
Rob Holter, Crew Contractor
Joe Sanford, Stage Manager
Rick Almendinger, Big Sky Fireworks
Edge Marketing + Design, Graphic Design & Marketing
Allegra Printing, Printing

Stephen Cepeda, Concertmaster
Michael Mleko+, Principal Second 
Eleanor Parker, Associate Principal Second 
The Mary Jane Davidson Chair
Keith Bocian
Devin Burgess*
Emily Cooley 
Chelsey Hallsten
Allison Elliot
The Eleanor Parker Chair 
Jeffrie Iams 
Elaine Kelly
Lucinda Morris* 
Mary Murphy 
Kyara Nelson 
Steve Olson 
Katelyn Osborn 
Keirsti Osborn
Luke Osborn**
Grace Palmer*
Vikki Payne*
Taylor Pederson
Brookes Pennell* 
Cathy Pomeroy*
Geoffrey Taylor*
Laura Weiss Smith
Coral White*

Garion Holian, Principal
The Linda & Patrick Keim Chair 
Lauren Carr* 
Katie Gildner** 
Scott Grundsted 
Elizabeth Sibulsky
Amelia Thornton*
Aurora Torres*
Christine Wallace 
Richard Wells

Linda Kuhn, Principal
The Dana Hillyer & Robert Caldwell Chair 
Katharine Cavanaugh
David Harmsworth* 
Don Harmsworth 
Kelly Kuhn**
Maren Haynes Marchesini
Lucas Poe-Kiser* 
Diane Sine*
Matthew Wellert 
Carson Yahvah+

Trebor Riddle, Principal 
Cortney Bury 
Thomas Larson
Stephen Swanson* 
Michelle Tanberg
Greg Youmanns*

String section players are listed alphabetically as seating rotates.

Elizabeth Burke 
The Roseana Skelton Chair

Barbara Berg, Principal
Elizabeth Burke 
Kathy Chase

Becky Tipler, Principal
Nicole Evans*
MacKenzie Stone*
Sue Logan

Sue Logan
MacKenzie Stone*

Jill Miller, Principal 
James Burkholder+, Associate Principal 
The Peter Sullivan Chair 
Jennifer Skogley

Jennifer Skogley

James Burkholder

Dana Nehring, Principal 
Audrey Daniel*
Alicia McLean

Alicia McLean
The Barbara Harris Chair

Lindsey Lande, soprano

Erin Vang, Principal
The Susan Benedict & Scott Mainwaring Chair 
Warren McCullough, Associate Principal
Brooke Mortenson+ 
Daniel Lande
Ian McLean*

Thomas Lee, Principal
The Scott Pargot Chair 
Michael Hamling+, Associate Principal
The Princess Orphelia Pumpernickel Chair
Duane Zehr* 
Jens Jacobsen*

Don Stone, Principal
The Nancy & Richard Trudell Chair
Scott Black 
Scott Kall**  
The Marie Kall Chair
Fred Wenger*

Phil Johnstone+, Principal
The Bill Roberts Chair

Tess Michel, Principal
Angela Espinosa

June Lee, Principal
The Lisa Mason Chair 
Steve Olson

June Lee 
Allan R. Scott

Tom Schaefer
The Harlan & William Shropshire Chair

The Kerry Brown Memorial Section 
Lauree Wenger, Acting Principal
Dennis Dell**
Tom Schaefer
Rosie Cerquone*
Kristofer Olsen*
Jake Heneford*

** Leave of Absence 
* Substitute 
+ Players Council

Christine Brown
Fay Buness*
Val Colenso
Kelly Downing-Keil**
Christina Dube
Laurie Ekanger
Christine Gardner
Betsy Griffing
Jill Guthrie
Megan Harbaugh
Nancy Harper
Fong Hom
Deanna Johnson
Sarah Karasch
Linda Keim
Autumn Keller
Janet Kenny
June Lee
Carolyn Linden
Blair Lund
Katie Mason
Sharon Maynard
Patty Mazurek
Karen McLean
Meg McMahon
Kellie Myers
Laura Pippin
Sanna Porte
Gayle Sheldon
Coleen Smith
Anna Strange
Carol Waniata*
Mary Williams
Lisa Williams-Mathews

Rachel Aagenes
Cathy Barker
Andrea Bateen
Anna Bierlink-Olheiser
Jerin Borrego
Jeannette Bower
Kathy Bramer
Sue Brookhart**
Marj Clark
Angela Conley
Connie Conley*
Chris Deveny
Lisa DeWitt
Margo Ensz
Jennifer Fladager
Lois Hudson
Jen Jenkins
Christine Kaufmann
Ann Kenny
Eliza Kiss
Rika Lashley
Sharon Madsen
Beverly Magley
Michelle Maltese
Liz Moore
Judy Nakagawa
Roberta Nelson
Jillian Newton*
Rehanna Olson
Stacy Perkins
Carol Potuzak
Molly Roby
Mēghan Scott
Naci Spano
Maggie Stockwell
Marty Thieltges
Linda Vrooman Peterson
Cathy Wright
Dawn Zehr
Janet Zimmerman

Joshua Dickey*
Henry Elsen
Gary Guthrie
Duane Johnson
Kevin Mathews
Dean Naylor
Phil Robison
Larry Sheldon*
Neil Squires Michael Swisher
Dale Waniata
Alex Worthy

Jon Bennion
Art Bumgardner*
David Buness
Calder Burgam
Robert Caldwell
Hal Fossum
Gary Guthrie
Jim Keil
Pat Keim
Evan Kulesa
Ron Lee
Kevin Mathews
Ron Nelson
Brett O’Neil
James Perkins
Larry Sheldon
Norman Smith
Gordon Stockstad
Michael Swisher
Brad Ulgenes
Dick Weaver
Greg Zeihen

**Leave of Absence
*Section Leader
+ Singers Council


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